Banners have always been a favourite when it comes to a cost effective solution for advertising, celebrating and informing. At GSB Signs we can create PVC banners in almost any design or size that you require. 

On occasions where a PVC banner doesn't seem appropriate, we also supply pull-up banners; perfect for meetings, seminars or business fairs. Pull up banners are stylish and easy to use.


When the occasion calls for a message that can’t be missed, we recommend our banners. Suitable for use inside and out, our state of the art materials and printing methods ensure that your banners stay bright, sharp and in great condition, regardless of the weather. Install your new banner quickly and easily by adding eyelets when you order.


Roller banners a.k.a retractable banner displays, pull up banner stands and roll up banners are one of the most popular products for low cost advertising. Lightweight, portable and low cost make them a firm favourite. All of our roller banners are printed on high quality, heavyweight, banner grade PVC. Printing on such heavyweight material provides a visually stunning display and reduces material curl.



Be seen by thousands of potential customers a day just by driving around town. Place magnets on your car or truck to transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard.

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