It is common knowledge that most Hospitals are very large places and clear and concise wayfinding signage is crucial to make sure that any patients and visitors can find their way around easily.  At GSB we have a huge range of wayfinding solutions that can solve the problem of unclear signage and still look stunning. From free standing signs to projecting and hanging signage, we will be able to find what is best for you. 



GSB have been supplying the NHS with signage for over 10 years.

Noted with several Trusts as their preferred supplier, we have designed and produced everything

from door signs to both internal and external wayfinding, floor graphics and architectural signage for a

wide range of Hospitals, Health Centres, and Dental practices. 


Our wide range of Hand Clean Boards are used to display patient & staff relevant information in a clean and sleek looking manner. All of our boards can be customised with different display options to suit the needs of each Hospital/Department individually.  

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External signage plays a big part in the NHS as this tends to be the first thing that patients and visitors see. We have a wide veriaty of styles and designs to meet everyones needs.



Our Floor Graphics are perfect way to point out hand gel stations to passing patients/visitors or staff to ensure that they don't go unnoticed. Sealed with an anti-slip coating they adhere to the floor evenly to prevent tripping or slipping on the surface while keeping the sign itself scuff-free. These are ideal signs as they they stand out yet are not intrusive and don't take up and space. 


All of our Floor Graphics can be customised with trust logos and picture to make them unique to every hospital.

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