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Quarry, Asphalt & Concrete Plant Signage.

During my site visits I quite often see signs of various colours and sizes placed on or near the doors to the plant buildings displaying the various instructions required on entering the plant.

I like to tidy up these specific areas by displaying one sign to include all the various instructions as shown below.

Whilst I am on the subject of building on various sites I will cover the sign that should be fitted by the entrance door to any switch rooms you may have on site.

The following sign should be displayed by all switch room entrances.

Finally for this week, areas where there are noise levels of 80db or above such as mixer loading areas, you should display the following sign at both sides of the loading area.

That’s all for this week but please feel free to leave me any comments or ideas you may have as I enjoy your feed back.

All the signs in my blogs can be found on the aggregate section of our website which can be found by clicking on the link below.


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