• Gary Shaw-Binns

Quarry, Asphalt and Concrete Plant Signs.

Once I have reached the point on site where I sign in and have been inducted it's now where I am allowed to enter the site either on my own or accompanied depending on the type of site I am carrying out my business.

More often than not the reason for me attending the site is to carry out a sign audit and I am always advised to keep to the pedestrian walkways wherever possible. Most sites nowadays have yellow or red goalposts making the walkways clearly marked and have the following sign situated above the posts.

From this point on in my blog I am going to cover specific signs around the site explaining where and why they are displayed starting with a map of the site.

Site maps in my opinion should be as basic as possible just identifying the main areas and routes of the site so that they are not complicated and are very easy to follow. They should also be situated where you can remain stationary whilst viewing the map and not to obstruct traffic flow.

Next weeks blog will continue on the subject of the main site signage.

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