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Following on from last weeks blog I have now arrived safetly at the "Visitors car park" where the next sign i focus on is the one that instructs me that I must reverse park.

Once I have safely reverse parked into a car parking space I need to look at the PPE rrequirements of the site.

This is where i recommend a "Site safety Rules" sign in the vacinity of the car park, going back to my view that we can only focus on one thing at a time I use this sign as a check list to ensure that I have all the correct PPE on and because I am not driving it gives me time to focus on each site safety rule.

My next task is to get to the point on the site where I report, sign in and be inducted. I recommend the following sign to be situated in the vacinity of the car park.

Having safely followed the pedestrian walkway to the site office I am quite often confused as to which door I go through as sometimes there are 2 doors next to each other, one for the entrance into the Weighbridge and one to the Site Office where i sign in.

I recommend the following sign above the entrance door to avoid any confusion.

I have now safely signed in, and been inducted and are now about to carry out my relevant business on the site.

Next weeks blog will continue on signage around the site.

We have a large section on aggregate sector signs on our website. You can find it by clicking on the following link?


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